Replacement Parts

The most commonly requested spares items (to replace items which have become dirty due to fair wear and tear, or being lost) are listed in this table. If there is something you think you need which is not listed, then please contact us by phone or email, and we will do our best to assist.

Normal delivery charges and rules will apply to these items. To order call 0121 706 4122 or email

CodeDescriptionMin Qty
SHSTReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – White1
SHSTBLKReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – Black1
SHSTBLUReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – Blue (RAL 5011)1
SHSTCReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – White (Side Bumps)1
SHSTCBLKReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – Black (Side Bumps)1
SHSTCBLUReplacement Plastic Shower Seat Lid – Blue (RAL 5011) (Side Bumps)1
BABYCHReplacement Baby Changer Lid – White1
HEXAPReplacement Hex Bolt cover – White25
HEXBLKReplacement Hex Bolt cover – Black25
HEXBLUReplacement Hex Bolt cover – Blue (RAL 5011)25
51400Toilet Roller Insert – Black Plastic1
51425Toilet Roller Insert – White Plastic1
51300Toilet Roller Insert – Wood1

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This section will help inform you about some of the choices available in selecting the right product for your needs. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please speak to our Sales Team.

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