Bespoke Products

As a UK manufacturer, we are able to offer our customers a bespoke design service for low volume components that you can’t find in the catalogue. We normally deal with two sorts of bespoke requests, product variants and new/bespoke designs.

Product variant

The most common request is for a variation to an existing product. This includes minor specification changes for example – a little longer grab rail, a slightly different angle or a change of position to the fixturing. In most of these cases we can provide a quote the same day.


The problem; Our customer needed an L Shaped Grab Rail with non-standard dimensions of 900mm high and 300mm wide.

The solution; We manufactured an L Shaped Rail to the required size and delivered in just three days. Customer happy.

Bespoke design

A less common request is for a completely new design. Using our flange and tube system we have the ability to bend, add flanges and add ribbing which means we can manufacture any number of bespoke configurations. Working with our designers you can commission a completely unique rail to fit your scenario.


The problem; Our customer sent us this photo and asked us to design a suitable hand rail around these steps.

The solution; We designed a new rail in two parts and agreed the design with our customer. It was manufactured within two weeks and fitted perfectly. Customer was very happy.

These products due to their bespoke nature may incur additional engineering charges, but we will make these charges clear in your quotation. Responsibility for the design of a bespoke product rests with the customer. If we do not feel that a design is appropriate, we may either decline to quote or suggest amendments, but the final responsibility remains with the customer.