Bathex Limited Warranty

We try and keep things simple, so, within the warranty periods detailed here, if it is our responsibility that something has gone wrong with the design, materials or manufacture of one of our products then we will replace, repair or refund the product at our discretion.

Distinction Range

Stainless Steel 10 Years
Wooden Products 3 Years

Professional and Essential Ranges

Stainless Steel 3 Years
Mild Steel 1 Year
Plastic 1 Year
Accessories 1 Year

There are, however, a few things that we cannot include in this limited warranty offer.

Fair wear and tear

All our products are subject to wear during the life of the product, especially our moving hinge products (such as Hinge Arms and Shower Seats). The hinge components of these items can wear out after prolonged high usage and we would treat that as fair wear and tear. Similarly, there are products which do get dirty with soap grime, cleaning materials and water deposits (including shower curtains, shower seats, shower hooks, and back rest cushions) and this would also be treated as fair wear and tear. Finally, the surfaces of our products may become dull or scratched over time and again this would be treated as fair wear and tear. Fair wear and tear is not covered by our warranty.

Proper storage, use, installation, and maintenance

Our products are designed for the specific purposes that they are intended for, and the use of our products outside of the intended use would render any warranty invalid. The installation and use of any mild steel products in wet areas (including chrome plated products) will invalidate the warranty. Similarly, the incorrect storage or installation of our products will impair the proper function and if the reason for a problem is caused for these reasons then, again the warranty will not apply. Finally, the products do need to be looked after properly in accordance with our ‘Care and Maintenance Instructions’ and failure to follow these instructions will render the warranty invalid. A common occurrence is where products have been damaged by excessively strong bleach, acids or alkalis.

Malicious or accidental damage

Our warranty does not cover any damage to products for malicious or accidental reasons. This includes breakage of any glass items such as our glass shelves.

Warranty Claims

If you believe you have a claim against our warranty, then please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will promptly evaluate your claim and fix it if it is our fault or explain clearly to you why it is not something we can cover.

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